What is a Sorority?

A sorority is a sisterhood organization formed around common goals, aspirations and friendship at colleges and universities. Members gather to share ideas, concerns, experiences and fun to develop leadership and social skills,
contribute to the community, and build knowledge for individual growth while following the chapter principals. The common experience that women share create bonds that can last a lifetime.
Sorority Girls
“My daughter is over the moon! This would’ve never happened without your help, and I am serious about that!”
Dana W.
University of Arkansas

Why Join a Sorority?

Ease into College Life.

Make the transition to this overwhelming time in life less daunting

Sense of Community.

Cultivate belonging and make connections among a large population of students

High Accountability.

Enforced GPA restrictions encourage academic accomplishment and philanthropy opportunities are resume builders

Networking Tool.

Building connections that last beyond the college years can be invaluable when job searching

Kristin Wallach

Co-Founder of Sorority 101 Consultants

I love meeting people and getting to know about them. I’m a social junkie always looking for opportunities to enjoy new experiences, stories, and perspectives on life. My jobs have always been working with people – from my 20 years of public relations, marketing and event planning, including a decade at one of the top-ranked zoos in the world – to finding clients’ spirit animals as an interior designer with my firm Fresh Design. It’s a passion to connect with people on so many levels. And Sorority 101 is my exclamation point for helping young women on their path to growth, mentorship and connection.
Kristin Wallach
  • Graduate of TCU
  • Sorority RecruitmentChair while in college
  • Sorority Social Advisor for 10 years
  • Sorority Philanthropic Advisor for 6 years
  • 20+ Years of Philanthropic Service
  • 2009 Fort Worth Alumnae of the Year
  • Sorority Alumnae Board Member for 5 years
  • Sorority RIF Board Member for 8 years
  • First-Hand experienced as mom guiding daughter through sorority recruitment at UT Austin

Suzanne Sanders

Co-Founder of Sorority 101 Consultants

The famous Fort Worth icon Will Rogers once said, “I never met a man I didn’t like.” And for me, that’s a sentiment I’ve always tried to live. Hopefully, that shows to all my cherished personal and business connections I’ve made throughout the years. There are so many great people in our communities doing incredible things that inspire me. As a community leader, taking on challenges to make Fort Worth a better place and raising money for philanthropic organizations is how I find joy. Along with helping four amazing children become everything they can, Sorority 101 is the way I’m passing on my passion.
Suzanne Sander
  • Graduate of TexasA&M University, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and University of North Texas Health Science Center
  • Sorority Executive Board Member while in college
  • Sorority RIF Board Member for 8 years
  • Sorority RIF Board Chair for 4 years
  • 20+ Years of Philanthropic Service
  • Past President of the Junior League of Fort Worth
  • Past President of the National Charity League Fort Worth Chapter
  • Past Board Chair of Susan G. Komen Fort Worth
  • Past Chair of the Kupferle Health Board
  • First-Hand experienced as mom guiding daughter through sorority recruitment at Texas A&M College Station

Cami Thompson

Sorority 101 Consultant

I’m a strategist. A problem solver. Give me a goal, share a vision, state the destination and I’ll create a path to get there. I’ve learned (through the ongoing trial and error of raising two daughters) that listening is as important as problem solving, and the journey is as important as the end result. I put my passion and knowledge to good use as a marketing strategist at a national non-profit organization. Sorority 101 is how I put my passion and knowledge to use for amazing young women who are in the prime of creating the vision for their future.
Cami Thompson
  • Graduate of University of Arkansas
  • Sorority President while in college
  • New Member Vice President while in college
  • National Sorority Leadership & Recruitment Consultant after college
  • Sorority Recruitment Advisor for 10 years
  • 20+ year career in Strategic Planning and Marketing for National Non-profit
  • 20+ years in Philanthropic Service
  • Board Member and President Elect of National Charity League Fort Worth Chapter
  • New Member Coordinator for Jewel Charity
  • Board Member for Canwick